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Last week I was invited by L'oreal team to know the newest hair color from L'oreal and also to know what exactly Dian Sastrowardoyo new hair color ^v^

About last month or maybe more, sorry I forgot how long the campaign was :(
We, netizen can vote which hair color that suit Dian Sastrowardoyo. She wants new challenge this year by challenging herself to finally dyed her hair for the very time and she let you choose! Wow....
The campaign called "lembaran baru" (new chapter). 

And tada~ this is her newest hair color and also chosen by you. The color is Brown Mahogany, a brown color with red hint. This color is one of L'oreal Excellence newest series and I think this color is quite popular because the color change is not to extreme (still natural) for beginner who has dark hair color before :D

I think it's perfect for her, it makes her face looks brighter and even more younger. Even herself is quite surprise how hair color can really change how our appearance hugely! 

What about you? any challenge to start #lembaranbaru for this year?

Love, Leonita
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