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Little did you know, I usually using fake eyelashes when I have more time to do my makeup. 
I love wearing fake eyelashes because it makes my eyes pop and really make a very serious difference to my face :)

Valencia from My Lashes has a nice design of lashes. 

it is a combination of short and long lashes glued by turns that will make a natural looks 
The lashes also very light and really looks like a real lashes.

it also re-useable. I can use it for about 3-4 times :)
I love wearing natural looking fake eyelashes because if I go to the super bold and heavy fake eyelashes, my eyes will look so sleepy and of course I don't want that to happen! I also like using fake eyelashes because it makes my eyes open when I'm taking photos. I have this tendency to blink when taking photo, with the help of fake eyelashes, my eyes stay open for the whole time ^^

My Lashes has many types of lashes and from what I see on their website and instagram. They carried many natural look and light fake eyelashes that suitable for everyday look.

Love, Leonita
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