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On last weekend, I was invited by Avene and Indonesia Beauty Blogger (IBB) to attend Avene the Experince at Senayan City.

Avene has a perfect sunblock for you this summer.
This sunblock is waterproof and claimed it won't melt even on the ocean.

And of course, Avene won't be complete without their famous Eau Thermal Spring Water Spray.
Avene Thermal Spring Water started in 1736 containing ingredients that can sooth the sensitive skin. It comes from the natural water that is flowing down the mountain in Cevennes, Orb Valley, South France. 

Located on Main Atrium at Senayan City. It feels like we were on France by its decor (OvO)*

Many great speakers were up on stage to teach us more about our skin especially from the sensitive one. And not to forget Avene also invited some celebrities to merrier this event. 
The event is the combination of education and entertainment so I came to this event for two days in the row...because, you know, that's how fun this event is :D

So, I got to try two of their famous products, Avene Sunscreen & Avene Thermal Spring Water. Perfect kit fot summer ^^

Avene sunscreen comes with a bright orange tube bottle. Really screaming of summer! 
It has a very high protection emulsion SPF 50
It also waterproof. So it won't wear off if we go under the water :D

The texture itself is quite watery for sunscreen but it has a great scent. When I blend it to the skin it also adsorb pretty fast and not sticky and also I don't feel my skin feel heavier. I don't know it is just me or you also feel it, when I usually applied sunscreen to my skin, I often feel I just applied a ton of cream that make me feel my skin somehow become thicker. It doesn't happen with this sunscreen :D

As for Avene Thermal Spring Water. I know I can not saying much about this product. I just love using it. I am a regular of using pure water mist because my skin really need a cool off with this sunny heat I got exposed too. I've been using and stocking Avene Spring Water because I love it. It's fragrance free and I feel it's kinda like real water but fresher because I sometimes accidentally licked the water but it taste nothing just like a mineral water that I drink everyday :D
I think that's why it match my skin well because it's sterile and don't use any chemicals that will harm my skin (or body) 

Love, Leonita
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