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So...I was invited by Closeup to know more about closeup involvement in Asian Next Top Model cycle 3. 
In this event, Georgina Wilson, head judge of AsNTM cycle 3 exclusively come to Indonesia to share with us her experiences being head judge and many other things. Gani, one of our Indonesian contestants that made to the final three (and also winning AsNTM cycle 3 *yeayy*) also come to show her thankfulness and sharing about AsNTM too!

Dresscode: Sparkling Blue
I don't have a royal blue dress so ended up with dark blue with beaded all over the dress :D

Before the event started me, Mia and Yenni went to reading corner. Find some interesting facts about us ^^o

And the event begins. Georgina and Gani looks so flawless *so envy*

I always thought Georgina looks like Leighton Meester, who's agree with me? 

In this event, Gani is still on the top three but I tell you a secret, from the first time I watched AsNTM 3, I stalked her IG and many of her friends congratulating her for becoming the winner of AsNTM hahha. But, after a couple of AsNTM episodes, when I stalked her back, I can't find those comments :p

So, yeah. I know she's the winner since the beginning but I don't tell anybody else because I also afraid what I saw/read might be not true :D

What I love from this event is Georgina and Gani are mingling around to interacting with each of us. They are very nice and sweet. 

Love, Leonita
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