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I have lots of lipstick but I rarely review it because most of the time, I use it before I remember to take some pictures :p
I owned PAC Glossy Lipstick quite awhile but I keep it shapes when I wear it so I can took some pictures for review purpose! hahahhaa *finally being smart*

I kinda have love-hate relationship with this colour because when my face looked tired and I use this colour, it makes my face paler but when I was in a good mood, it really enhance my natural makeup :)

What I have in here is PAC Glossy Lipstick in Nude Pink (GL02) it has a cool tone so it appears slightly purplish. It has a nice pretty colour for me who can't wear true pink colour because it makes my skin darker T___T 

It also has creamy texture and moisturise my lips too which I love because I tend to have irritation if the lipstick/lipgloss/lip tint has too much wax. It also glides very easily on lips.

It has matte finishing, you know I always love matte finish hehehe. Just like its name "glossy" it contains much gloss for first time application but it becomes matter after awhile 

It leaves almost no stain, it won't noticeable on the lips so you need to re-apply it after eating. 

This is my bare lips looked like :D
currently suffered on light irritation, I think I tried tester lipstick and my lips get irritated, now, that's how sensitive my lips are T___T 
My lips is quite pink so I usually only put lip balm if I didn't put makeup on. 

This is how PAC Glossy Lipstick looks like on the lips. I know the photo has warm tone, sorry for that, the room filled with yellow lights. 

This is when I try to balance the tone hahahaha. this how exactly the colour looks like in real life. 
The colour payoffs is great. 

Conclusion :
# Great colour payoff
# Local product with International standard
# Moisturise 
# Matte slightly glossy finish

Love, Leonita
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