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It is been so long I haven't review anything. Truth to be true, I always end up finish it before have time to properly photo the product T__T
pfftt....so yeah, nothing to say anymore. Move to this serum. I have been using this serum about 6 months. For a serum, this one is quite huge and can last really long *recommended for that :D*

Got this baby from Kawaii Beauty Japan. After I finished my Ultrapeptide serum, I use this serum as my everyday skincare routine. 
Oh, I haven't told you, one of my must have skincare is serum. I love using serum. It really makes my skin..hmm...how do I explain, everything! like keeping my acne in bay, brighten my face, smoothing and many other thing that makes me love the serum effect ^^

Serum penetrated deeper than toner into the skin. So it gives more visible effect :D

After I checked out their website, this serum is best for sensitive skin like me and also for acne-prone skin. It can prevent acne and wrinkles too.

As I mentioned, the size is 60ml, and I don't know if you can see it or not but I almost finish off this serum.  It will last for another 2 months I think :D
The bottle is made of glass and I get the sturdy feeling so I always put this in a secure place. 

The pipet is kinda slightly bend and I still don't know what the purpose of it but somehow find it kinda unique ^^o

I usually only need 2 drops of Perfectron serum for my entire face and neck.  
The texture is very watery, just like the usual water, but when it gets warm it gets a little bit thick but quickly adsorb into the skin. 

It has zero scent which I like and has refreshing feeling after using this. 
When I use this serum alone without moisturiser, I found my skin is pretty dry but deep in my skin its very moisture. This serum will make great result if it combines with your favourite moisturiser. 
I think it's quite normal because it contains Hyaluronic Acid and the concentration is quite high from my opinion. 

Conclusion :
# No perfume, preservatives
# Keep my acne in bay
# Price ¥15.000 for 60ml
# Make my skin bouncier, hydrated from the inside
# Make makeup stays longer
# Suitable for everyday use
# Also can be use as mask (soak the serum with cotton pad)

Love, Leonita
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