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Finally I can write another review :D
Cleansing my face is my everyday routine. I wear medium-full coverage foundation for every occasions and removing every inch of it is a must especially I have sensitive acne-prone skin!

I always removing makeup with cleansing oil or cleansing cream. For cleansing cream, I use this Etude House every month cleansing cream. The tube is quite big and I just need small amount of the cream to clean my entire face and neck. 

The cream itself is very thick and when it applied to my skin, I feel cool and the thickness of the cream makes me feel it remove my makeup greatly. 

This is how I usual makeup. If you saw me like this and think that I just put light makeup, then you are wrong hahahhaa. My bare face is hmm...different :P

Just gently rub the cream to the entire face and neck and I use it to remove my lipstick too. after that use the cotton to remove all of it and after that I wash my face with water. 

Look how thick my foundation is  :D 
this is only one time swap, my makeup (foundation) almost gone entirely. 

What I like from this cleansing cream is, it doesn't make my skin itch or pain so it suitable for sensitive skin like me. 
After removing my makeup with this cleansing cream, I feel my skin squeaky clean but still moist. 

But, I have to wash my face after using this because I still can feel the oil from the cleansing cream on my face and as you know, I am not a fan of having very oily skin. Also, I think this cleansing cream contains fragrance, for you who have allergy with fragrance please be careful.

Conclusion :
# Removing makeup greatly
# Still maintaining skin moisture
# Has scent

Love, Leonita
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