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I've been using these lipsticks for quite some times and these lipsticks make me love L'oreal lipsticks especially their Color Riche Range!
*oh...I want you to know :p*

I got the nude collection star collection. Gosh, I'm so confused about its name! Basically, these 3 are L'oreal Color Riche collection x L'oreal Celebrities for nude shades. Hmm...I think I got it right ;)
L'oreal TVC always been star studded and those celebrities are now has their own lipstick shade! 

Barely Moka by Gong Li, Barely Greige by J.Lo & Barely Plum by Sonam Kapoor.
I think the colour really suits each celebrity.

The packaging is just like the Color Riche Collection but on the top cap, it inserted with its celebrity signature. 
It has this luxury touch with its gold colour. 

I honestly in looking for Fan Bing-Bing & Chompoo Araya shade...anyone know where I could get that??
Love them both and the shade they made.

It has a creamy moisturising texture, which why I love it! I have sensitive lips and this lipstick never gives me irritation. 

The Barely Greige doesn't do justice to my lips, it's barely recognise so mostly I just use it as "a glaze" on top of my other lipstick. You know to make it shinier (or glazier?) hahaha.

It's perfect if you like a matte lipstick but want to go glossy for awhile, just use Barely Greige and voila! glossy lipstick.

I have this love-hate relationship with barely plum, because when my face is all normal (read: smooth, acne-free & dull-free) it's really looks great on me. But, when my face looks tired, uh! it's sooo not good T___T

And Barely Moka only suitable for me when I have dark hair colour. It really makes my skin looks brighter and whiter. I tried many times using this lipstick while I have light hair, it makes my face duller and older. LOL.
It's great for fair skin tone who wants to have edgy kinda feel :D

Which one you think suit me best?

Conclusion :
# Creamy texture
# Glossy finish
# Affordable price (approx. Rp 100K)
#Great colour pays off
# Leaves slight stain

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Love, Leonita
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