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Couple weeks ago, I was invited my Medikpro to know about their newest skin tightening treatment with Pelleve machine. 
Mr. Mark Weiser from Pelleve USA came specially to Medikpro to gives live demo using this machine.

Pelleve wrinkle Reduction treatment from USA using constant radio frequency technology, with this technology, the patient will feel more comfortable and painless.
So, this wrinkles reduction treatment is non-surgical, it's a great alternative for you who scared of face lifting surgery but feel your skin getting saggier! 

Using real gold plating which is great conductor for heat. The device comes with many sizes for difference area that makes dermatologist works easier. 

Pelleve delivers energy to the dermal tissue using advanced radio frequency technology to induce collagen contraction without damaging the epidermis. The result is skin tightening via soft tissue coagulation. 

Before the treatment started, patient has to remove all makeup including eye makeup because with Pelleve wand that comes to many sizes, it can reach under eyes area. 

Because we are playing with heat, before every treatment, the skin part that will be heat needed cooling gel. 

Mr. Mark, begin the treatment on forehead area. It will become slighty redden (oh, of course, you skin is being heated! hahaha). You won't feel burning sensation because the heat is being controlled. If you feel any pain, you can tell the dermatologist about it during the treatment, so he/she can turn down the heat temperature. You must aware that each person has different level of heat's endurance. 

This video taken during the treatment process :D

See? this is after treatment. The patient's skin is slightly red but it will reduce and back to normal in hours. You will see the result in couple of days :D

Interest with it?

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