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Wow, can't believe August is over and we are now in the middle of September -_-
I'm continuing my study at university again and the schedule is super hectic as always.
So, without further ado, I want to share my experience getting massage at Nest Reflexology at Sunter, Jakarta

I love massage then and now even more. I suffered swollen muscles on my shoulders area because I worked too much in front of computer every single day in university (yeah, in case you wondering how many homeworks I get hahaha). That's one of the reason, why I decided to took a break from my study for a year.
(hmm, now I'm thinking to share this story to you ;) )

Well, because of that, I love massaging. It will help me reducing the disturbing pain on my body.
But, I can't just do random massage, it will make it more swollen according to my therapist. 

When Nest offers me to try their traditional massage and reading all their treatments. I can't wait to try it!

I went to Nest Reflexology & SPA at Sunter because it near my house. Tia from utotia.net also come to try their treatment so we were given family room.

As far I know, there aren't many reflexology & SPA for family (woman,man and kids) in Jakarta.

The room is spacious with 2 beds and 2 reflexology chairs and also small bathroom to shower.

Massage oils and lotions are all smell so good and aromatic....hmmm...

All masseurs are trained that's why I believed in Nest :D

The massage is about 60 minutes. They have many treatments with different duration.
Before I went to Nest Sunter which is their main location. 
I tried their newest branch at Baywalk Mall, Pluit with my mom for Aromatheraphy massage for 120 minutes and it feels so good!

Here are some of their treatments and prices

For me this place is pretty affordable. The rooms also clean and spacious
If you want to try their treatment, I suggest you to go to Sunter location because it's the biggest but the Baywalk Mall, Pluit is also good. I tried the one at the ruko (has no SPA) but now they also open inside the mall which has SPA in it.

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