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Helloo Bello! 
On today's post, I will be reviewing about products that suitable for my sensitive skin!
You know, it's always hard to find the right product especially for us who has sensitive and dry skin too, isn't it?!

I was invited to Physiogel Blogger Gathering at Demenu, Grand Indonesia. To know and experience Physiogel products that really suitable for Dry and Sensitive skin. Our theme that day was #MyDrySensitiveSkin ^^o 

My "classmate" that day :p
It's been a while girls!

PHYSIOGEL is specifically formulated to care for dry and sensitive skin with a range of products proven to strengthen and repair the skin's moisture barrier

Physiogel can be use for both body and face 

Before using Physiogel Lotion, my skin (body) moisture was 32.4%.
It's pretty low, the normal and moisture one should be above 40%

What makes Physiogel's products unique are their Biomimic Technology.

With biomimic technology that only contain natural oil that similar to skin structure so it makes the skin moist longer, restores skin structure and maintains skin hydration. 

This cleanser is soap free, non-comedogenic and of course suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types especially dry skin too.
Does it makes us who has oily skin should avoid it? absolutely no, oily skin is also suitable using this cleanser

The cleanser can be use without water. You can imagine milk cleanser. When we use milk cleanser, you can wash it again with water or it also works fine and still clean without wash it with water after. 

It has a pretty thick consistency but still feel mild and soft on the skin. It doesn't make any "bubbles" when I wash it with water afterward. 

Gives me a clean and soft skin after using this cleanser. I usually use it with water because I am the type that won't feel really clean if I haven't touch the water :p

The lotion is purposely to protect and maintain our healthy skin. It's also non-comedogenic
and contains no perfume and preservatives. What I like from this lotion is it has no scent at all. It really makes me agree 100% that it contains no perfume.
With such a sensitive skin I always avoid using product that contains perfume as much as possible because it will make my skin drier and sometime irritating my skin.

The lotion itself is pretty thick but when I rub evenly to my skin, it adsorbs fast and not sticky at all.

And this is how fast my skin become more hydrate and moisture by using the lotion. Before my skin moisture was 32.4% but after using the lotion it becomes 39.8%, one more and my skin back to its moist ^^v

My favouite from Physiogel's product is the lotion. It has no perfume and moisturise and hydrate my body without me feeling sticky at all!

Love, Leonita
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