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Finally, the end of semester is coming and I can get back to write reviews!!
Without further ado, I've seen these products through youtube ads. I decided to give it a try since I haven't try any Nivea cleanser before and I'm being a lazier person these days, it's a good investment to have a 2in1 makeup remover/cleanser in one :)

A product with 2in1 function, as a makeup remover and cleanser. 
It contains pearly white that can brighten your skin 10 times better that vitamin C.

I bought their scrub and mud variant. I just know they have 4 variants in total. As I remember, I only can find these two variants when I went bought it at Carrefour. 

The tube is quite big and I quite like their packaging design, clean and simple!

Make up clear 2in1 scrub contains fine scrub that I find suitable for sensitive skin. Actually, I don't really believe it can remove my usual makeup and I'm quite afraid to try it because I have sensitive skin and always have a hard time when using drugstore's products that are manufactured in Indonesia. It usually makes my face breakout (heavily) T__T.

Since I think my skin is being good these couple months, I think it won't cause me serious acne if I try this product, in case the product doesn't suit me :D

Luckily, it doesn't! piueeffhh...hahaha

Okay, continue to product test.
It's quite hard for me to take a picture with all soapy wet skin so, let's try it on my arm instead.
I already applied some bb cream (Anna Sui's BB Cream), concealer, lipstick, liquid and gel eyeliner. 
These are products that I find hard to be removed. My eyeliner is always a smudge-proof and waterproof (hello, to oily eyelids!) 

Lipstick | BB Cream | liquid eyeliner | concealer | gel eyeliner

After a few massaged. I'm quite impresed with how the eyeliner easily removed by just a gentle massage.

Final Result

Lipstick still stained, but other products (eyeliner, bb cream, concealer) are removed. 

I always curious with mud product. I plan to buy only the mud variant but after a much thinking and looking at the affordable price, I decided to buy both variants I found. 

So, yeah, the mud is the one I've been curious on. 

After looking at the packaging in detail, I found the labels are stickers and it chipped a little.
What a curious person I am, I pulled off the sticker and found the actual printed label haha!
The sticker only stated it cleans makeup and make your skin oil-free and brighter.
On the actual label, it also stated it suitable for oily, dull and prone( I honestly don't understand what kind of "rusak" skin they meant) skin. 

Hmmm, why they changed it...*curious*

It has green-greyish colour and the texture is just like any other facial foam. I thought the texture will be thicker than regular facial foam, but it doesn't.

After a few good massaged, I still can see all the products are not completely wiped off. I try to clean it again, but this is the best the product can do. 

Comparing both results, I'm quite disappointed with the mud T__T
I have high expectation with the mud variant but now, I only use the scrub variant as my cleanser. 
I feel much more refresh and clean after using the scrub variant. As for mud, it just...as a normal cleanser can be, it can cleanse your skin from dirt but it won't work as your makeup cleanser. 

The downside is it cannot be used near your eyes area. I tried once and it hurt as hell T__T *do not try this!*
Also lips, it tastes soapy :p
Considering it can't be use near eyes, I don't use it as my main makeup remover. I use this product when I do light makeup (only powder and did my eyebrows, or maybe a little blush on ^^).

Conclusion :
# Scrub variant can remove makeup quite effective 
# Affordable price
# Suitable for my sensitive skin

Have any thoughts or questions? Don't hesitate to ask me through FB/Twitter/Ask.fm (0v0)

Love, Leonita
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  1. wah, padahal aku juga ngira yang mud varian lebih bersih..
    hihi jadi pengen coba yg scrub begitu baca kulitmu sensitif dan nggak breakout pake ituu..
    kulitku sensitif juga soalnya.. kebetulan lagi nyari cleansing foam 2 in 1 juga :D
    Thx for sharing..^^


    1. Btw, i'm following your blog via gfc, mind to visit and follow my blog back?^^
      Thanks before.. keep in touch :D