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Welcome to 2016! 
On the first post of 2016, I want to share the new coffee shop that will be trending in 2016, Caribou coffee. 

Caribou Coffee comes from Minnesota, USA. Founded in 1992 by two climbers decided to make a coffee. Jakarta is honored to welcome their first branch in Southeast Asia.
Their first branch located at Senopati next to yellow fin.
When I arrived, the parking was full but they provide free valet. 

I'm lucky enough to learnt how to make a cup of caribou's signature coffee from the barista. 
Myself not a fan of bitter coffee so I don't really understand the differences.
They have this various methods of making coffee that will make your coffee experience more interesting ^^

You can see how it's made on my vlog :)

Another interesting thing with this coffee shop is, it's beautiful interior and outdoor. The interior feels warm, like it has this ambience where you want to be surrounded with your loved ones and chit-chatting with them, holiday in a bugalow on the top of the mountaion feel. And the outdoor is beautiful too.

VIP room

It's perfect if you are hunting for a place where you can #OOTD
every corner of this coffee shop is interesting enough to be featured on instagram (aka insta-worthy).

I love all the menus. Seriously, I tried maybe half of the menus they have, just look at my table!
My favourites are bagels with various sauce, they have pesto, smoked salmon, etc, their cakes (slurpp, just typing about it, makes me drooling haha) and their spicy tuna sandwich. 

As for coffee, I usually drink cappucino at coffee shop. At Caribou, I got to try their signature coffee, like turtle mocha, campfire mocha, mint condition and many more. My favourite is campfire mocha.
Definetely will order campfire mocha in here. recommended!
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Look how insta-worthy is it! Don't forget to take your camera if you visiting Caribou.

Their philosophy is "life is short, stay awake for it
and they have their own hashtag #stayawakefor in instagram, so if you happen to be there and took some pictures, don't forget to upload it and use the hashtag :)

Love, Leonita
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