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Giving my hair various color is my new addiction. I've my bleached hair for about a year (maybe more). Love how different color gives me different vibes. 
As strong as my hair can bear with the chemical process, I always concern about my hair health. Of course, I don't want to have croase and frizzy hair and some times, I just don't dare to try some colors just because I am quite pessimist it won't suit my skin tone. 

Hair crayon is one of great alternative for me to try new color without having a heart thumping session whether this color suits me or not. 
Color Bucket gives me 2 of their Hair Crayon Stylist #4 in the Navy & #3 Ruby Rocket for me to try.
If you don't know yet, Color Bucket is known for its hair crayon from Korea.

Hair Crayon is a great alternative to get various vibrant color non-permanently. It will wash away after you shampoo your hair. I personally recommend to have light hair color (at least light brown) rather than jet black hair. It works just like paper and crayon. You need a light "paper" aka hair to achive more vibrant color. About how to I lighten or bleached my hair, I think I will make another post exclusively for you ^^o

Hair Crayon Stylist #4 in the Navy & #3 Ruby Rocket 
A beautiful blue navy color and this vibrant red with warm tone.
I am using these two color to make watercolor hair that you can watch on my youtube channel (do subscribe!)

By using these 2 colors. I can make the third color, purple by combining both blue and red. 
Making a watercolor Hair is a great alternative for you want to have colorful hair without being afraid the color will look uneven. 
The unevenness of the color will make you own hair more unique.

As you can see on the video, it's quite easy to transfer the color from the color bucket's pan. #4 in the navy is quite hard to transfer on my hair but the #3 Ruby Rocket works great and I super love it!
My favorite is the #3 Ruby Rocket and I love it when I put #4 in the navy on top of it to make this beautiful purple-ish/pink-ish color that matches my skin tone perfectly! *extra love*

Color Bucket hair crayon glides on my hair perfectly but I have to tell you that you have to prepare your hand as if it's going to be dirty because some particles of the crayon will transfer to your fingers (or hand) and some to your floor. 
Don't forget to spread your hair after coloring your hair with hair crayon to even out all the colors.
The texture of the crayon is quite chalky that's why when you glide it on your hair some particles drop to your floor.

Get your hair crayon at @colorbucketid (instagram)

Love, Leonita
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