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I just bought this product a week ago because my skin is acting up again. I didn't intend to buy this but since I never try this brand before and the price is quite affordable, I decided to buy this Neem Mask.

I honestly don't know what neem is but as I googled it, many said neem can be use to cure acne. Hmm..never knew about that as I always into chemical product :p

the product is pretty small, 50mL and simple packaging. 

A wash off mask that claims to prevent acne

Contains turmeric which eliminates acne bacteria. 100% Herbal actives.
Also contain Fuller's Earth? which I don't know what it is. It soothes the skin, improve skin texture, brighten and maintaining healthy skin said Himalaya Herbals.

I don't really have any expectation about this mask at all. I just went to supermarket to buy other things and curiously grab this mask just because I want to try something new :p

Cost around 23.000 Rupiah. Below 50.000.

Just usual cap with generous hole. 

the texture is quite interesting. At first, I thought it will be slimy and thick but after I applied it on my face, I feel like it contains "grains" and it spread to my face smoothly, no stickiness at all. 

My face is acting up again, especially around my cheek and my chin. 
Just look at how big my pores are T___T

Spread into my skin nicely. It has a strong scent which I don't really like but the sensation when using this mask is pleasant. It sticks to my face nicely and no runny mask (super love this).
I let it dry for about 20 minutes. I wash it off with a wet sponge as suggested. 

and here's is my face condition after 2 days post using the neem mask. After I rinse the mask off, I don't feel any differences other than I feel fresh, which is quite common, right? :D
But, the next day, I realise my zits on my upper lip is gone and some reduces and my redness is calming down. 

Don't bother with the bluish tone with the "before face" photo and yellowish tone on "after face" photo, it just...my bad photography skills >.< 
Focus on my skin...that horrible skin haha...

Overall, I like this mask and recommend to you who looking an affordable, simple and potent mask to help you fighting with acne! the only thing bothers me is the scent, super strong! As long as it reduces my zits I should just let it go, shouldn't I?!

Love, Leonita
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  1. bagus ya Le, i need to try this soon :)

  2. rasanya gak cekit-cekit kayak masker yang satunya kan ya?? xD kayak yg buat oil control itu, soalnya nyelekit gimanaaa gitu


    1. di aku sih engga, bener-bener painless :)

  3. Wah, wajah jadi lebih segeran gitu ya, Le, jadi pengen nyoba, selama ini cuma dibiarkan merana aja kalo lewat supermarket XD~~~

    1. iya, aku juga gak nyangka ternyata T.O.P :p

  4. Aku juga suka sama neem ini, tapi kadang bikin wajah perih apalagi kalau abis scrub/peeling terus pakai masker ini.. rasanya periiihhhh banget ^___^


    1. kalau habis scrub/peeling jangan pakai produk yang bisa menghilangkan jerawat pasti perih :(

  5. Ini... aku gak kuat sama baunya, tapi menang hasilnya bagus, bisa ngurangin jerawat dan redness. Sama aku suka butiran-butiran kecilnya, mayan buat scrub tipis-tipis.


    1. iya....downsidenya wanginya....duh, nyelekit di hidung haha

  6. halo leonita, salam kenal :)
    waaah bagus ya ternyata maskernyaaaaa. aku pake himalaya facial wash tp hasilnya biasa aja, tapi yg ini bagus ya kayaknya, mau coba aah. nice review!


    1. Iya yang ini ternyata bagus, salam kenal :D

  7. wah kayanya bisa dicoba nih, kulit aku juga soalnya lagi rewel! dan udah nyoba banyak masker belakangan ini, nggak ada yg mempan. :((


  8. Aku pakenya yang Mud..
    Pernah coba yang Neem ini, dan lebih suka yang Neem sih
    Soalnya yang Mud ada sensasi pedes2 gimana gitu kalo barusan diapply

    Terus itu efek jerawat kempesnya kok keren banget yak??
    Jadi pengen purchase yg ukuran kecil gini juga

    ♥ phieselphie site ♥