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Hi all!! So, after 5 years of blogging, many people especially my friends who are non-blogger often asked me some questions about blogging life.

As nowadays, blogging became so freaking popular, many of you might consider/interested in joining this field. Therefore, I want to make a series on youtube about blogging with the intention of helping you to know more about blogging and such.

I packed the video like a storytelling of my own blogging history and experiences. On this first episode of Blogging Series, I am telling you the reason I become a blogger, why I chose Black Blue Blizzard and such. I am telling these first is for you to get to know me and my blog better with the intention of better understanding when I am speaking about tips/problems/tricks I might be sharing in the future ^^

So, In Blogging Series, I am thinking to share about:
First time blogging
Blogging Purpose
Why/What/How to be a beauty blogger
How to be invited to blogger event
How to get acquainted with other bloggers/brands
Is it true blogger gets free stuff
What is endorse, sponsor, and advertorial
Blogging tools
Blogging content
Pro & cons of blogging
Blogging problems

Well, if you curious about it, stay tune on my youtube channel (and here as well :D )
OR if you happen to curious about something (blogging related) you can comment on my channel and I will answer it by inserting the questions on the next video or might be on other special Q&A videos (doesn't have any plan yet, let's see ^^)

Ah, and another disclaimer. I am making this video is not to preach nor teach you of how blogging/bloggers should do. I am sharing my experiences. As I know, people who don't know about this field or just getting started might be wonder how things work and such.

Hope this series will be a great help for you :D

Love, Leonita

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