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Catalogue shopping is no doubt one of the best ways to shop in the UK (and around the world for that matter). It's cheaper, it's a simple way to find a great selection and deals, and you often find far lower pricing than you do in department stores. But, there are a few tips to finding even greater deals and saving when shopping. These are a few of those simple tips. 


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Don't simply visit one catalogue site and stop. Especially with pricey items like furniture, brand name clothes, or appliances. The more sites you visit, the lower the pricing you will find. In fact, many catalogues offer discounts, offer lower price cuts on items which are low in inventory, and offer deals at certain times of the year. Look for those deals, compare, and visit as many sites as possible, prior to purchase.  If you are looking to compare some catalogues sites then it is always good to check out some online catalogues comparison sites, one example of a site is cataloguewithcredit.co.uk.

Consider generic 

Sometimes generic options or off-brand name items are a much cheaper option. Look for certain items (which don't have to be the highest of quality) for a lower price. Many catalogues offer more than one option of certain items. Look for those, compare, and search for discounts where they can be found.

Shop by time 

Don't shop for a new swimsuit the first day of the summer, or a winter coat on the coldest day of the year. Shop off season. Shop during off-peak seasons, and you will notice a huge price discrepancy with most catalogues. In fact, you can sometimes save 1/2, or more, on certain items, if you buy them during off-peak seasons.


This is the purpose of catalogue shopping, isn't it? Yes. But, make sure you shop for financing specials as well. Look for catalogues offering zero interest periods if items are paid off within a certain time frame. Look for the best interest, longer repayment terms, and cheaper weekly or monthly payment options. They are out there, you simply have to look for them, in order to really make the most, and save the most shopping through online catalogues.

Catalogue shopping in and of itself will likely save you quite a bit, in comparison to shopping in local stores. But, you can save more if you take the time to look for the deals. These are some of the ways in which you can further reduce costs, and really make the most when you are going to be doing shopping through various catalogue sites.

Love, Leonita

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