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How many of you know there's a moisturiser from sheep oil?
In case you don't know, using sheep oil as moisturiser is now a trend and thanks to BNTnews, I can try it ^^

I can't find moisturiser from sheep oil in my country (Indonesia). This new trend is sooo new that the beauty consumers in my country haven't noticed it yet. 
I am so excited yet terrified when trying this as I know oil from animals are quite heavy and might not suitable for my overly oily skin. 
Kicho sheep oil cream contains 8 vitamins from 8 eight berries from several countries.
It can brighten and relieve skin (btw, I don't really get what relieve skin means :( ).

Also free of 8 non-additive prescription. 

and contains Lanolin from Germany. 

Don't worry we didn't kill any sheep to get their oil which is called Lanolin. This Lanolin is the only animal-based oil that can be obtained without killing the animal. It's similar to our sebum and the best substance to replace the sebum of human.

First, I must say, I LOVE THE PACKAGING! so pretty!!

The tube itself made of thick glass. I once dropped it and (thankfully) it still good as new.haha. 

As this moisturiser made of natural oil, this moisturiser has pale-yellow colour. 

I can feel the thickness when trying to get it out from the tube. You have to dig a little hard to get the generous amount. I usually use this much for my entire face and neck.
The scent of this moisturiser is quite unique. It has this tangy scent (I think it comes from the berries). Still bearable though.

When I apply it on my face, it absorbs into my skin pretty fast and there's no oiliness left once it perfectly absorbed. It gives me smoother skin after.
As I guessed, this moisturiser is perfect when your skin is super flaky. I usually suffered from this although I have oily skin. I don't use it as my daily moisturiser as it will be too heavy for oily skin. I use this once or twice a week to boost my skin's hydration or when I suffered from flaky skin, I use it religiously until my skin back to normal.
As for you who have dry skin, you can use this as your daily moisturiser and your skin will be bouncy ^^

Price: 58.000 KRW (approx Rp. 665.613)

Love, Leonita

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