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I always use foam cleansing as my daily cleanser. I like how it cleans my face and gentle on my skin. 
However, I never try or seen foam cleansing from vegetables.

Lafine Vegetable Foam Cleansing is a Korean product. Somehow, the design ooze Chinese. Maybe because of its big hanzi word? The design is a simple tube with vegetable pictures.

All written in Korean  

By using this cleanser, we can get a dewy hydrating skin thanks to cucumber, carrot, water parsley, tomato, parsley granules in red and green and papaya extract. 

Free from Paraben, Benzophenone, Talc, Animal oil and Triclosan. 
Use this cleanser as usual.

At first, I am a bit skeptical with its scent as it contains papaya. I hate the smell of papaya T__T
thankfully, it doesn't smell of papaya at all. The scent is quite refreshing.

After using this cleanser, I do feel fresher and my skin is squeaky clean. 
I can't say there's anything special about this foam cleansing. But if you are a vegetarian or in search of natural cleanser, you might want to try this!

Price: 13.000 KRW (approx. Rp 150.000)

Love, Leonita

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