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My name is Leonita Nerisa. I am the author of this lovely blog :)
I create this blog to share my life stories especially in beauty, fashion, food, or even travelling. I personally don't want to limit Black Blue Blizzard. I want to post everything that I know and love for my readers. 

I don't really know how to explain about myself so here are some fun facts about me!

I am an architecture student in a private university in Jakarta
As you can know, being a blogger is my part time job 

The first impression of other people about me is mostly I am a snob *judging by my straight - poker face :p*
But in the end I am a silly person, aren't I? 

I have a very sensitive skin. I have acne on my face, body, my eyes are sensitive, so is my scalp, my lips even my ears! *sigh*
My skin type is combination to oily with acne-prone
Therefore, this blog mainly focused on acne-prone & oily skincare and makeup.

well, as you can see, I am not that pretty perfect skin kind of blogger, so please mind as you will see my freaky bare face~

*smooch* *smooch*

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